Ball Sinkers

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For sinker sizes see the size chart at the bottom of the page.

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Ball sinkers are a versatile sinker that come in many sizes and have many applications.

We primarily use them when wanting a running sinker that will allow the bait to move around within the target fishing zone.

We rig them to run either directly onto the hook or stopped short of the hook by use of a swivel and length of leader separating the sinker from the hook.

We use ball sinkers in many styles of fishing including Estuary, Surf, and fishing from a boat both with live and dead bait.

For more sinkers, sizing and usage guide see the Sinker Usage Guide page.

Ball Sinker Size Guide

All weights are approximate and will vary depending on which mould is used and the purity of the lead used.
Shop/SelectSizePrice per SinkerDiameterGramsOuncesApprox.QTY/kg
SELECTNo 0$0.1410mm6g.21oz125
SELECTNo 1$0.1611mm8g.28oz83
SELECTNo 2$0.2512.5mm12g.42oz62
SELECTNo 3$0.3414mm16g.53oz50
SELECTNo 4$0.4116mm20g.71oz26
SELECTNo 4.5$0.5018mm38g1.3oz26
SELECTNo 5$0.6019.5mm44g1.55oz22
SELECTNo 6$0.7221.5mm59g2.08oz17
SELECTNo 7$0.8125mm89g3.14oz11
SELECTNo 8$0.9225.7mm100g3.53oz10
SELECTNo 9$1.1027.5mm118g4.16oz8.5
SELECTNo 10$1.3529mm145g5.11oz6.9
SELECTNo 12$1.8032mm190g6.70oz5.3
SELECTNo 14$2.3035mm250g8.82oz4
SELECTNo 15$2.8037mm300g10.58oz3.3
SELECTNo 16$4.0041mm430g15.17oz2.3
SELECTNo 28$7.5052mm800g28.22oz1.25

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