Heavy Duty Grapnel Sinkers

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Our new Heavy Duty Grapnel sinkers are available in five sizes from 4oz up to 12oz.

Developed for Slide Baiting with superior holding ability.

See size chart below for pricing and specifications.

For a less aggressive style Grapnel see our standard Grapnel Sinkers.

Prices are all per sinker. Simply pick the size you require, then select the quantity you want and add to the cart. There is no minimum or maximum quantity to buy.

More info in the description below.

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We have worked closely with several Live Slide Baiting Fisherman to produce a new Heavy Duty Grapnel Sinker also Known as Slide Bait Grapnel Sinkers, designed to handle the extra strains that this form of fishing places on a sinker.

The eye and grapnel wires are all bent in-house out of 2mm 316 Stainless Steel wire.

Our unique eye wire incorporates a bait holder hook bent as part of the eye itself, not as an extra wire coming out of the sinker. The advantages of this eye are:

  • The eye is much stronger because of the overlap in the bend, making it impossible to open the eye under strain.
  • The eye acts as a split ring allowing you to tie a Crane swivel to the end of your leader and then swap out sinkers as required quickly and easily bend, the need to cut and re-tie.
  • These sinkers are also perfect for the surf fisherman wanting to cast larger baits in heavier conditions were conventional grapnel sinkers will not hold.

Our specially formed Grapnel wires are bent out of 2mm 316 Stainless, making them much stronger than most grapnel sinkers on the markets. The wiring pattern is also unparalleled in holding ability and will not breakout prematurely under harsh conditions. In fact, we have been told by people using these sinkers that the best way to break them out is to flat stick and walk back up the beach.

For a less aggressive style Grapnel see our standard Grapnel Sinkers.

For more sinkers, sizing and usage guide see the Sinker Usage Guide page.

Heavy Duty Grapnel Sinker Size Guide

All weights are approximate and will vary depending on which mould is used and the purity of the lead used.
Shop/SelectSize/ozPriceEye Wire DiameterGrapnel Wire Diameter
SELECT4oz$7.252mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT5oz$7.752mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT6oz$8.502mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT7oz$9.002mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT8oz$9.502mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT9oz$10.002mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT10oz$10.502mm with Bait Keeper2mm
SELECT12oz$12.002mm with Bait Keeper2mm

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