Guide to Sinker Sizes and common uses for different styles of sinkers. 


Ball sinkers are a versatile sinker that come in many sizes and have many applications. They are primarily used when an angler want a running sinker that will allow the bait to mover around within the target fishing zone. They are generally set up to run either directly onto the hook or can stopped short of the hook by use of a swivel and length of leader separating the sinker from the hook. Ball sinkers are often used in many styles of fishing including Estuary, Surf, and fishing from a boat both with live and dead bait


Here is a quick explanation of the difference between Snapper and Bank sinkers, why they are not the same and in what situations each are best used.


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Snapper Sinkers have four sides and are longer and thinner than Bank sinkers. Snapper sinkers are best used when anchored and fishing on the bottom where a fast drop is required and you want to minimize the risk of snagging. The down side to Snapper sinkers is that if they are fished up from the bottom Snapper sinkers will tend to spin in the current more than Bank sinkers causing more problems with line wind up and potential tangles.


order bank sinkers online at sinkers have six sides and are shorter and fatter than Snapper sinkers. They are best used when drifting with the sinker and bait held up of the bottom to avoid snags as you drift across your target ground. Because of their six sides and more cylindrical shape Bank sinkers will spin in  the current less than the four sided Snapper Sinkers meaning less wind up on your line and less chance of twisting and tangles. Their down side is that if fished on the bottom Bank sinkers are more likely to snag than Snapper Sinkers due to their fatter shape.


Bomb sinkers with a swivel cast into them are an ideal sinker to use on Paternoster rigs in shallower water. These sinkers are easy to change out when used with a clip attached to the end of the rig with a dropper loop. The swivel removes any line twist in the rig which in turn means less problems with tangles. These sinkers are idea for fishing for species such as Whiting and Flathead when drifting over the shallows and the larger sizes are also a very useful alternative to snapper sinkers on the shallower reefs.


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Oval shaped sinkers ideal for surf fishing as they roll less than a conventional ball sinker due to their flat profile. Used when wanting a running sinker in the surf.


Star sinkers are ideal for beach fishing where you are trying to hold on a sandy bottom while dealing with both swell and current.

Total Tackle’s Star Sinkers come in eight sizes from 20 gram up to 160 gram  in 20 gram increments. Having such a large range within the weight range means you can choose exactly the right weight sinker for the conditions you generally fish. Our unique shape star sinkers feature four thinner edges than the conventional three sided star sinkers to help the sinker to bury into the sand faster. The four larger sizes from 100 gram up to 160 gram all feature a swivel that also has a brass eye moulded into the sinker below it to help anchor the swivel into the sinker and eliminate the chance of the swivel being pulled out of the sinker. The four smaller sizes simply have the brass eye moulded into the end of the sinker. The swivel is not required on the lighter sinkers as they are used in lighter conditions where line twist is less on an issue.


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Bean sinkers have very similar applications to ball sinkers with the added advantage of having slightly better bottom holding abilities due to there shape. They are ideal for use in estuary situations where the current can tend to be a bit stronger. They are also favoured by some reef fisherman over ball sinkers as they feel the are less likely to snag.


Grapnel or Breakout sinkers as they are often referred to are used for surf fishing when a bait is required to be held in one place and the angler does not want it to move around. The sinker basically acts as a small sand anchor with the ability for the wires to be able to turn or breakout when the angler attempts to retrieve the rig and then can be clicked back into position for reuse. The smaller sizes are ideal for fishing gutters for species such as Tailor and Dart with the larger sizes better for casting deeper into or behind the gutter for larger species such as Jew or Mackerel. Our 7HD size is perfect for Live Bait slide fishing with its more aggressive  grapnel wire shape and 2mm grapnel wires. We only use 316 grade stainless steel wire in all of our grapnel sinkers.


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