When to use Grapnel Sinkers – No Run, No Fun.

The Grapnel Sinker. 'No run, no fun' is a familiar saying among fishermen, referring to the lack of fish caught when there is little water flow. Conversely, too much run can make fishing difficult. Strong currents, big tides and powerful beach sweep can quickly shift baits, limiting the time spent fishing in the best zones. We can take advantage of currents when fishing from a boat, positioning ourselves and using the current to place our baits. This…

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Choosing the Right Sinker- The Basics of Fishing Weights

Choosing the right sinker for the conditions is an essential part of fishing, while fish don’t pay attention to what sinker you choose, they will react to how and where you present your bait. Soft plastic anglers have recognised this and give equal value to weighted jig-heads as they do for plastic selection. The humble lump of lead is an essential tool for presenting and positioning your bait and can be the difference between a rewarding day’s fishing and…

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